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140929 | Sukira - Call to Donghae

Listener asked Eunhyuk to call Donghae
Eunhyuk: I don’t know if he’ll answer.. and he won’t know it’s a broadcast so it can get.. dangerous.. He’s not in my recent call list. Haven’t I called him recently? Calling him now ㅋㅋ

Donghae answered the phone but there is music playing.

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140930 kimheenim: the collar that Heebummie was wearing originally had a cute little bell that goes ting-a-ling^-^ I was thinking about how cute it was when you hear the bell sound whenever this fellow Heebummie moves around.. The bell sound that allows me to find Heebummie wherever he hides was really cute and lovely^-^ and after some time(,) it was the night and it was time for me to sleep…. “Ting a ling ting a ling ting a ling ting a ling ting a ling ling ling ling ling ldhsosnla” arghhhhh!! Its noisy!! I can’t sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i took out the bell^.~ #HEEBUM #HEECHUL (cr)

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@ryeong9: 日本のファンのみなさん~ミュージカル


@ryeong9: Fans in Japan~ Thank you for sending so much support for musical

<The Goddess is Watching> performances in Tokyo. I will work hard to show a good performance. Everyone~ I love you~ From Ryeowook^^ (cr)

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(INFO) Donghae, Siwon and Kyuhyun shot the interview scenes for an upcoming SM documentary film today | 140930


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When you’re too clingy .

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the best part of waking up
is literally nothing, please let me go back to sleep

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never tell him that you are just kidding. never. lol

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eunhyuk ss5 dance performance

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"Because Shindong is there, we exist."  


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164/200 edits of leeteuk before his discharge

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